If you need to quickly sell your house in West Georgia, then you’re probably stressed and worried about how to sell your house without wasting time. Whether you need to sell because of a move, a divorce, financial issues, or another situation, selling a house quickly means that you’ll need to make some strategic decisions.

3 Steps to Selling Your House Fast in West Georgia

These tips can help you to get your house in West Georgia sold – fast.

Price It Right

Price matters when you’re trying to quickly sell your house. Price your house too high, and it may sit on the market for a while. However, a lower price will catch the attention of more buyers, and will generate more interest in your house. (Remember, too, that issues like mold and foundation problems will significantly lower both the value and the buyer interest in your house. You may need to significantly lower your price in order to get interest in a house that needs lots of work.)

Pricing your house lower than its actual value does mean that you’ll get paid less for your house, but you also need to weigh what’s most important to you at the time. If your house sits on the market for a year, you’ll still be paying your mortgage, insurance, utilities, and any other expenses. It may be better to price your house lower if you need to get out from under those expenses.

Know the Market

Do a little research on the housing market in West Georgia before you proceed with selling your house. For instance, as of April 30, 2018, Georgia houses for sale spent an average of 63 days on Zillow. Can you afford to wait two months for your house to be sold? (Plus, that’s just the average – it may take longer before you sell your house.)

Facts about the current West Georgia housing market may influence how you decide to sell your house.

Know Your Options

If you need to quickly sell a house, it’s important to know that going with a realtor isn’t your only option. This traditional route of selling a home takes time, and you’ll also need to pay out a percentage of the end sale value to your realtor – usually 6% of your sale price. If time is of the essence, this might not be the best option for you.

A private sale, where you sell your house without an agent, is another option, but it can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Plus, all of the marketing and paperwork is on you, which can be a lot when you’re dealing with a relocation, a divorce, or another life-changing event. Even when you’re in charge of the sale, you still face the issue of needing to find interested buyers.

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