Selling a House with Termite Damage


Selling A House With Termite Damage

If you need to sell a house with termite damage, you may find yourself waiting for a buyer to come along for a very long time. You’re required to disclose termite infestations and damage, but termites are such a problem that this information will scare most buyers off.

Termite damage is no small problem. Left unchecked, termites can literally eat away at the structure of your home, leaving it unsafe to live in.

If your house has termite damage, you need a professional exterminator to treat the infestation. This can take repeated treatments, and isn’t a simple process.

Next, you’ll need to fix the damage that the termites have caused. This can be an extensive job, and may involve replacing support beams, entire walls, wood floors, and more. It can involve major construction.

The cost of treating an infestation and then fixing the damage can be huge, and it’s often not a cost that a homeowner can absorb while also paying a mortgage and living expenses. If your insurance doesn’t pay for the treatments and repairs, then you’ll need to cover the entire cost.

Are you stressed about the termite damage to your home?

Are you ready to move, but are held back because your house isn’t selling and you can’t pay two mortgages?

Are you just sick and tired of looking at the damage that termites caused in your house?

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