Going Through Divorce


Selling A House Because of Divorce

When you go through a divorce, you’re already dealing with a stressful, emotionally charged major life change. And if you and an ex-spouse own a home, you may need or want to sell it – quickly.

You may find yourself in any number of situations:

  • You need to sell the house because you can’t handle the mortgage on one salary

  • You and your ex-spouse mutually decide to sell the house for cash in the divorce agreement

  • Neither you nor your ex-spouse can afford to buy out the other, so you must sell the house

  • The house holds too many memories and you want a fresh start in your life

No matter why you need to sell your house fast, we can help.


We’ll make a cash offer on your house, and we’ll move much faster than a traditional real estate transaction would. In some cases, we can even close within 7 days. You’ll be free of your mortgage, your homeowner’s insurance, and all of the memories that the house contains.


During the chaos and stress of a divorce, you don’t need to be concerned with also trying to market your house, dealing with buyers, and having a deal fall through right at the last moment. We can offer you a clean break from your house, quickly, and can give you the cash that you need for lawyers, a relocation, or any of your other needs during this time.


We’ve helped many west Georgia residents in Haralson County, Carroll County, Douglas County, and Paulding County to sell their homes for cash during divorces. We know how stressful this time can be, and we’ll make sure that things go smoothly for you. We know that selling a house during this time is an emotionally-charged decision, and we’ll handle the whole process with dignity and respect.


Let us help you get a fresh start.