Sell Without A Realtor


Selling A House Without a Realtor

When it’s time to sell your house, your first step is to probably look for a realtor. But in some cases, that may be a mistake.

When you use a realtor to sell your house, you:

  • Pay a commission that comes out of your house’s final sale price

  • Need to hunt around for a realtor who is the right fit for you

  • Depend on the realtor to market and represent your house

  • Need to have the house ready for showings on the realtor’s schedule

  • Are just one of many homeowners that the realtor is representing at any one time

  • Rely on the realtor’s expertise

What if we told you you could sell your house without a realtor? In fact, you could handle the whole process on your own – with our help?


There’s no commission, so you take home the full amount that you’re paid for your house. There are no inspections, no house showings to worry about, and no contracts to worry about.


When you work with us, we’ll come out to see your house and we’ll give you a quote. If you accept our offer, we’ll move forward quickly. We’ll have a contract drawn up, and sometimes we can close in just 7 days. You show up on the closing day, sign some papers, and receive the full payment for your house.


Because we pay cash for houses, the process is far simpler than selling your house with a realtor. There are no personality clashes to worry about, and your house won’t sit on the market for months or years because you’ve partnered with a realtor who doesn’t do their job marketing for you.

Plus, if your house has issues, like foundation damage or mold, that doesn’t bother us. We know how to work with those issues, whereas a realtor won’t always know how to market a house with problems that scare off your typical buyer.

We’re buying homes in west Georgia, particularly in Douglasville, Villa Rica, and Carrollton, right now. Save yourself the time and hassle of working with a realtor. We’ll buy your house for cash, fast, and the process will be over and done with. No more worries, no more mortgage payments, no hassle.