Tired of Landlording


Selling A House When You Hate Landlording

It may have seemed like a good idea to rent out a room, an apartment, or even your whole house in west Georgia. Extra income is always great, and people rent out their homes every day. What could go wrong?

That is, until things started to go wrong. You had to make costly house repairs. The tenants decided to trash the place. They stopped paying. And now you can’t evict them.

In the wrong situation, landlording can turn into a nightmare.

  • You can no longer balance your landlording obligations with the rest of your life.

  • You’re sick of going to court and working to evict non-paying tenants.

  • You’re losing money and just want out.

  • You’re so fed up with 1 am calls about something else breaking that you want to walk away immediately.

  • Your tenants trashed your property, and you don’t want to look at it anymore.

  • Your tenants are now squatters, so you can’t sell the house to a traditional buyer – not without a major hassle.

We’ll buy your house for cash, tenants and all. Seriously – we’ll buy the house, can often close within seven days, and you will no longer be a tenant. That’s it, you’re free. There are no more court dates to worry about, you don’t have to ever look at a rental agreement again, and you will never need to deal with another tenant call or complaint.

Life’s too short. Sick of the situation and hate being a tenant? We’re your way out of a bad situation. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and sell your house fast with tenants and all.