Inherited or Probate


Selling A House You Inherited

If you’ve inherited a house, you may find yourself needing to sell the house quickly. With taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and possibly even a mortgage to cover, a house that you received through probate can quickly become a burden.

Plus, holding on to the house can be emotionally painful, too. A house is often a reminder of a loved one we’ve lost, and you may not want to live in that home because of the memories it carries. Sometimes the best thing is to be able to move on, but you don’t want the process of selling the house to be drawn out and emotionally draining.

Unfortunately, selling a house isn’t usually a fast process. It can also demand a lot of your time. Are you ready to:

  • Interview realtors and choose the one that’s right for the job

  • Be on hand to correspond with the realtor and answer questions quickly

  • Prepare the house to be shown

  • Make any repairs that an inspection may reveal are necessary

  • Handle sales that fall through, causing you to potentially start the process all over again

  • Pay for home ownership costs until the closing date arrives (and keep in mind, closing dates can be repeatedly delayed)

That’s a lot to ask when you just want to quickly sell an inherited house.

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You won’t have to worry about paying the mortgage, insurance, and taxes on the house as you wait for it to sell. There are no open houses to worry about, and there’s no concern that a home inspection will reveal some serious issue that’s costly to fix.

If you need to sell a house fast, let us help. We’ll make the process easy, will even cover the closing costs, and will let you move on from an inherited house.