Sell A House With Foundation Damage


Selling A House With Foundation Damage

Foundation damage. Those are two words that every homeowner dreads. Foundation issues usually mean costly repairs, potential structural problems, and lots of headaches.

They can also mean that your house has lost value, and you may find yourself struggling to sell your house.

Foundation damage may show up as cracks in your foundation, a sinking or leaning house, and even cracks in your floor or wall tiles. Problem is, many of these issues aren’t an easy fix at all. It’s no wonder that most buyers don’t even want to look at a house with foundation problems.

A foundation problem can put you in a tight place, especially if you want to sell your house.

  • Have you received a repair quote that’s thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars more than you can afford?

  • Were you already planning to sell your house and don’t want to pour more money into a home you’re leaving?

  • Are you already struggling to afford your mortgage?

  • Are the foundation issues widespread and just not worth the hassle?

  • Are foundation problems just one of your house’s issues?

  • Do you want out of your house, fast?

Need to sell a house with foundation damage? You’ll have a hard time going the traditional route, since this problem will scare many buyers off. You’ll need to find a buyer who has construction knowledge and plenty of cash – and that may mean that you’ll have to sit on the house for quite a while until that buyer comes along.

That’s why we’re here. We buy houses for cash, with or without foundation damage. You see, foundation issues don’t scare us off like they would some other buyers, because we have the time and finances that you’ll need to repair and restore the house.

Let us help. We’ll pay cash for your house, and can close in as little as seven days. Your foundation damage will be our headache to deal with, and you can move on. We buy houses in Douglasville, Villa Rica, Carrollton, and other areas in west Georgia – we can help you.