Sell Your House in Hiram, Georgia

Do you need to sell your house in Hiram, Georgia?

If you live in Hiram, we can help.

Imagine how good it would feel to be out from under the house that’s only brought you headaches.

Think about the time you’ll get back when you’re no longer dealing with troublesome tenants.

Or the emotional relief you’ll feel when you’re able to sell the house caught in the middle of a divorce, or the house you inherited after a death in the family.

Or the financial benefits to letting go of a house that’s become a money pit, or that you truly can’t afford.

We buy houses for cash and can help you out of many different situations.

  • Did you inherit a house that you don’t want or can’t afford?

  • Are you tired of renting your house out to nightmare tenants?

  • Is your mortgage underwater?

  • Did you recently divorce and need to sell your house quickly?

  • Is your house in rough shape, with mold, termites, foundation issues, or other problems?

  • Do you just need to get out of your house for any reason at all?


Selling your house through a relator, or even relying on a private sale isn’t ideal in these situations – not if you need to sell your house fast. Realtors take fees, there are home inspections involved, and you may be looking at a closing that can take up to a year. If you try to sell your house yourself, you’re still left paying the mortgage and holding the property until you find a buyer – and that takes time.


We buy houses for cash, and we can close in as little as seven days.


Hiram homeowners have turned to D&R Buys Houses for years, because we buy houses for cash – fast.


We’re home investors based in Douglasville, GA and want to help you to get out from the burden of a mortgage, insurance, taxes, and other expenses that come with a house you no longer want. We’ll pay cash so you can enjoy financial freedom – no more worrying about the expenses of owning a home, or pouring more money into an investment that will never pay off.


If you have a house for sale in Hiram, GA, get in touch with us today. We’ll come to your house and make a cash offer for your home, all for free – and you’ll be under absolutely no obligation.


Why do we do this? We want to help. We know the real estate scene in Hiram, and we buy houses that we can renovate and sell. We buy ugly houses, old houses, and houses with problems that you just don’t want to deal with. And we’re looking to buy houses in Hiram, Georgia right now.


Once you sell your house, you’ll be free from your financial obligations and stress. There are no strings attached, and if you contact us today, in as little as a week we could close on your house and pay you cold, hard cash. It’s that simple.


Looking to sell your house in Hiram, GA? We’ll buy your house! Contact us today.